Profits with Purpose

6 Key Steps Towards Profits with Purpose

Having a purpose in your business (and life) can give incredible meaning to what you and your employees do, while providing customers with an opportunity to meaningfully vote with their dollars.

Here’s my teaser article on How to Define Your Why – for the topic: Profit with Purpose: Creating a Measurable Mission-Based Business Plan that I just presented at  Expo East – the Natural Products Show in Baltimore, MD.

By defining your ‘why?’ you can create a business that is both profitable and mission driven. Doing good by doing well.

To successfully compete, you may need both! What kind of impact do you want to have? To create a clearly-articulated, measurable, mission-based plan, we need to first answer the why – before the who, what, when, where and how. Then we can create shared value with critical buy in, and leverage meaningful partnerships.

Here are 6 Doable Steps towards Creating Profits with Purpose:

1. Define your “Why?”

2. Establish Higher Purpose Mission with a Vision

3. Determine Desired Impact & Measurable Results

4. Think About How to Endear Each Stakeholder with Purpose

• From employees and customers, to all partners, investors / creditors, suppliers, as well as the environment

5. Gain Buy-In On Action Plan

6. Share & Communicate Success Stories.

Want help figuring out your ‘why?’ or creating a measurable mission-based business? Please reach out!