Interviewees and Panelists from Terry’s Classes & Events

Many of Terry’s classes  and events feature interviews with food industry experts, who share actionable insights to help move your food business forward. Terry is also expert at conducting internal and external interviews for her consulting clients, whether they need to hear from manufacturers,  distributors,  buyers, customers, or competitors — or all of the above! Head on over to the Consulting Interviews page for more details.

You’ll get a curated selection of the best actionable food business insights and quotes that Terry has gathered from these experts and more via our social media, including our monthly Culinest newsletter.

Want to learn from experts like these? While consulting with Terry, you can tap into learnings from both her experience, and those shared by guest speakers. You can also attend upcoming Culinest classes, for additional insights.
Questions? Suggestions for guest speakers? Interested in being a guest speaker? Please contact us.


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