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Prior Events / Presentations (see Classes, too)

Disrupt or Be Disrupted:  Culinest’s 12 MegaTrends to Innovate, Disrupt & Inspire

At Oneida’s Hospitality Summit for VIP foodservice clients, Terry presented Culinest’s F&B MegaTrends — overarching channels that can be combined and leveraged in a relevant, meaningful way, for brainstorming new opportunities with greater consumer resonance and business value.

Culminating in the ultimate “value” – these 12 MegaTrends are based on years of teaching and consulting to thousands of food entrepreneurs and businesses.

The featured presentation began with an interactive tasting of five innovative, disruptive products, that represent multiple MegaTrends.  Highlights of consumer attitudes and new technologies provided context for the many, exciting new offerings mentioned by Terry.

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Trends & Inspiration: To Get Out of the Ordinary into Something Extra-Ordinary

Presented to a Fortune 500’s Global Brand Strategy Team – including their:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Customer Insights
  • Brand Analytics &
  • Guest Experience Teams.

“A quick note to express my gratitude for your participation in my team meeting…

“the energy and passion you brought to the group was very inspiring.”

– Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy

Stories & Advice: Dynamic Women in Food Media — Food52, KO, Food Network / Cooking Channel

During this 8th annual Stories & Advice event that Terry has chaired and moderated for women in the food industry,  three dynamic women in food media shared stories, advice and learnings:

• Michelle Buffardi — Vice President, Digital Editor of the Food Network & Cooking Channel.

• Amanda Hesser — Co-Founder/ CEO Food52 with over 12 million audience members; a New York Times veteran, author, writer, editor and app producer.

• Kathy Oberman — Executive Producer/ Owner KO Productions producing a new organic food TV Series starring Nell Newman; formerly produced for Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart and B. Smith.

We discussed: where the industry and its media are headed; pros and cons to different media channels; how to make money in the business; how to leverage one’s strengths and media opportunities, and oh so much more! The initial F&B networking reception featured foods and bio-dynamic wines made by women.


Women’s Power Networking Breakfast: Keynote Speaker + Panelist with Food Entrepreneurs

Special breakfast on How to Scale Up Your Food Business – A panel discussion with food entrepreneurs! This event featured food consultant Terry Frishman as the keynote speaker, then a panel discussion along with two established food entrepreneurs Missy Koo from Brooklyn Piggies and Sara Meyer from Little Bird Chocolates.

We dove deep into:

  • Biggest challenges in customer acquisition, distribution, packaging and pricing
  • Best advice for getting into big stores such as Whole Foods, Chelsea Market, Madison Square Garden, etc.
  • Sales mistakes / lesson learned that food businesses regularly make
  • How to attract press/media and get exposure.

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Homemade: From Kitchen To Market Success?”

Attendees learned useful advice for how to start or grow their culinary business, as Terry moderated a panel of three successful women entrepreneurs who had developed, sold and scaled up a favorite recipe with a meaningful concept.

 NY Expo & Conference with NY Women in Business

The Future of Food

CEO Society Roundtable

Attendees were better positioned to stay ahead of the curve while tapping into new, relevant business opportunities. We discussed how to leverage both the internal and external, within the the rapidly-changing, highly-competitive food business landscape, as well as Terry’s 3Ms: Meaning & Mission, Merging of Industries and MegaTrends.

Profit with Purpose: Creating a Measurable Mission-Based Business Plan

Natural Products Expo East  / Natural Products Business School

What is your why?  Businesses today can be both profitable and mission driven! One key is to create a clearly-articulated, measurable, mission-based plan that defines desired impacts, creates critical buy in, and leverages meaningful partnerships. Case studies with insights, advice and a check list of doable steps were highlighted.

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Innovation, Disruption & Opportunity in the Food Industry

Culinary Institute Of America – The Society of Fellows

We’re living in an exciting time, when Culinest’s MegaTrends, entrepreneurship and consumer beliefs merge to cause food industry innovation, disruption and opportunity. Not even the sky is the limit (drones)!

How can you innovate and disrupt the food industry in a meaningful way?

Attendees were inspired while learning about Culinest’s 12 MegaTrends and how consumer attitudes can be applied to increase business opportunities, consumer interest and loyalty.

A tasting and brief discussion of new, innovative food and beverages further illustrated how these trends can be leveraged.

Terry’s Tips to Successfully Selling Your Food Products

Women’s Power Networking Breakfast: Queens Economic Development Center

How to Innovate with Culinest’s MegaTrends & Think Out of the Box!

Presented to CEOS of The Helm Society – during two different Roundtables

Using Zoom.Us – these Roundtable discussions focused on Culinest’s 12 MegaTrends, and how we can innovate in the food industry and beyond.


Getting Your Product Onto / To Stay on Shelves

At the Brooklyn Kitchen – with a great panel, Kiva, Evergreen and 60 Food Entrepreneurs

With an inspiring panel of food buyers and a distributor, attendees learned important tips and advice for “before, during and after” pitching products to buyers and distributors.

All entrepreneurs were able to bring samples for tasting and feedback during networking. Plus – a few brave souls practiced pitching their offerings for gentle, constructive feedback from the panel.

Panel: Terry as moderator and instructor; Bradford Dube, Distributor & Founder, Food Matters Again; Richard Rosenberg, Director of Deli Operations, Fairway Market; former buyer at Giant Eagle / Market District, Whole Foods and Balducci’s; Cully Eisner-Terrill, Grocery Buyer of the Brooklyn Kitchen; Ian Pilarski, Former Director, Specialty Foods, Fairway; VP, Sales Inalca Food & Beverage North America.


Keynote Speaker:  Taking Your Food Business to the Next Level

Women’s Power Networking Breakfast: Queens Economic Development Center

Whether you’re an aspiring, start-up or more established food entrepreneur, what does it take to get to the next level?

During this action-oriented keynote presentation, Terry addressed the biggest challenge(s) attendees faced in their food business.

Topics included: How do you make money in a food business? Develop your concept? Build a brand? Price? Test market? Optimize sampling and/or trade shows? Get press? Increase sales? Present to a gourmet store vs. a supermarket? Work with brokers or distributors, vs. only selling direct? Negotiate with your copacker? Raise capital? Leverage partnerships to more profitably grow your business?

BevNET Boot Camp – Test Marketing Tips: Now and Forever

Terry is a firm believer in early, ongoing test marketing – not just to launch a new business. In this BevNET Boot Camp presentation in Boston, Terry shared case studies to encourage attendees to create a “Culture of Constantly Questioning” — looking at what’s working, and what the team, unit, or company can do better.

Kiva NYC Launch Party


With Honored Guest Speaker – President Bill Clinton
I’m proud to be a Kiva NYC Trustee, celebrating small NYC food businesses with two tables for Culinest Borrower at the marketplace, and helping raise interest-free, crowd-funded Kiva Zip loans! If you didn’t attend this event, you can still support borrowers or request a 0% interest-free loan at Kiva NYC. Reach out to for potential sponsorship help!


My Story & Advice: A Night With…

This annual event for the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance (NYWCA) is a fun, educational and inspiring networking evening. Each year features a fascinating speaker, interviewed by Terry Frishman, who helps illuminate learnings and advice. The 2017 event honored advice from Susan Westmoreland, Lisa Homa & Silvia Baldini.

The evening includes:
  • Networking with 75+ female culinary professionals
  • Wine and food – recipes prepared from guest speaker’s cookbooks, blogs and/or TV shows; our last one on March 7th, 2016 included craft spirits and cupcake pairings, cupcake decorating and rare tea tasting.
  • An interview discussing each guest speaker’s career path and learnings as a women in the food industry.
  • Optional goody bags, raffle and fundraising for different causes.

Previous Years’ Interviewees include:

  • Sara Moulton – Chef, Cookbook Author, TV Personality
  • Melissa Clark – NYT Columnist, Cookbook Author,  Food Writer
  • Dorie Greenspan – Cookbook Author, Beurre & Sel
  • Debra Ponzek – Aux Delices Foods, Executive Chef
  • Ellie Krieger – Food Network’s ‘Healthy Appetite’s’ host, Cookbook Author (check out our blog post about this event)
  • Karen Tack – Cookbook Author, Food Stylist, Media Guest Speaker who sold over 2.7 million books (average print run for others is only 10 thousand)!

You’ll be among the first to know about next year’s event, and other NY-area food-business functions, when you sign up for our newsletter.


Culinest – Proud Co-Sponsor:
2nd International Conference on Food Design

WRXK6r1L_400x400-1-400x357 csm_LOGO_IFDS_90deda95cb FOODDESIGN_LOGO_FINALv1

This 2015 conference presented and discussed fundamental aspects of Food Design, aiming to modify, improve, and optimize individual and communal relationships with and around food in the most diverse ways and instances (food products, materials, objects, practices, processes, events, environments, services, systems, etc.). Professionals, practitioners, and researchers shared reflections, projects and experiences to assess the development of this new burgeoning field.

Culinest was a proud co-sponsor, in partnership with the International Food Design Society, Food Design North America and the New School University.


Culinest – Associate Partner:
Crain’s Made in New York, Food & Beverage Trade Show


Crain’s Made in New York connects the food and beverage community of New York with retailers and buyers, and educational offerings. Culinest was a proud co-sponsor. 50 food and beverage manufacturers participated.


Culinest – Proud Co-Sponsor:
MOFAD & New School: Feeding Tomorrow: Technology and the New Food Ethics

This Museum of Food and Drink & New School Food Studies Roundtable examined how technology (particularly culinary and food processing technologies) has shaped how we eat over the past century, and how it will influence our diets in the future. As we envision the next 100 years of food, which technologies should we look to for inspiration, and what moral, social, and cultural values should we aspire to incorporate into these technologies?


Internet Radio Interview with Melanie Young of Fearless, Fabulous You

What? Terry shared her story and insights for food entrepreneurs with Melanie. The recording of this eye-opening and information-packed 20-minute interview is now available online at the Fearless, Fabulous You website.


Dare to Dream

The focus of this event was to help aspiring culinary entrepreneurs learn how to start making their dreams a reality while networking, brainstorming and listening to valuable information about how to take their vision to the next level. During a round robin, attendees briefly shared their dreams and challenges. Co-Chairs Cheryl Clements of FundaFeast and Terry Frishman of Culinest offered advice and insights for how to strategically plan, fund and execute.Our hostess, Humeyra Kocak,  shared how she dared to dream, opening a wine bar after leaving a career in banking.


Culinest – Proud Co-Sponsor:
Gotham on a Plate: Food and NYC

This two-day conference brought together experts, scholars, and professionals to discuss aspects of food in New York City. Six panels covered topics as varied as history, places of consumption, provisioning and the connection with the region, the impact of the media on the food business, policy debates, crises and post-Sandy resiliency. Check out our blog posts from the event, with insights from Mimi Sheraton, and updates on hunger in NYC.


Interactive Social Business Plan that Alleviates Poverty for Women – UN Women Event

This was part of a UN Women event (NGO CSW 2015: Where Women & Girls Shape the Future), which focused on Interactive Social Business Planning to Alleviate Poverty for Women. Women from all over the world attended. African Moringa Alliance co-hosted a workshop with CSW, where Terry Frishman offered insights and information to successfully launch a startup, manage a socially-responsible business, learn how to build a team and work together to solve real human issues, including poverty for women. Check out our blog from the event, on determining the ‘why’ for your business.

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