Consulting Interviews – Actionable Insights for Clients

By interviewing hard-to-reach decision makers, we’ve successfully gained invaluable insights for our consulting clients.

Our analysis has helped clients learn how key buyers and accounts perceive them, understand industry opportunities and competitive threats. Results? Better understanding of meaningful points-of-difference,  to create effective new sales and marketing materials, enter new sales channels, rebrand, repackage, and more.

Need some outside feedback, perhaps from suppliers, buyers, customers, or even competitors? Contact us today – we’d love to chat about how we’d deliver actionable insights to help you grow your food business more profitably!

What one Culinest client said about the results…

“Impressive…your ability to ask and get answers to the right questions.”Very impressive… tenacious about getting results. We gained invaluable insight about our customers’ perception of us and the industry from your ability to ask and get answers to the right questions.” – Ian MacGregor, CEO, Lobster Place

Just some of the decision makers we’ve interviewed for our clients: