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"I'm telling you - Terry's really terrific." - Sarabeth Levine, Co-Founder, Sarabeth's - Restaurants, Bakery & Specialty Food Products

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Concept: Develop, strengthen with trends, values and leveragable opportunities & bring your idea to life.
In-Market:  Better position your brand for profitable growth, innovation and disruption.
 More Established: Discover and leverage what clients, buyers and others think about your business and industry opportunities.

Our Consulting Services help you to move forward via:

• One-on-one consultations  with culinary business expert Terry Frishman (in person or remotely via phone, GoogleDocs & Skype)
6-session series of inspiring, action-oriented Next Level Workshops
Customized reports from trade shows on applicable industry-wide trends or comparable offerings (to be arranged in advance).
Fully-customized projects – can include rich primary research content and recommendations from Consulting Interviews – e.g. your past, present and ideal future clients or sales channels.

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Who we work with:

We’ve worked with all kinds and sizes of food businesses – from the earliest stage startups to more established, hundred million dollar brands, and from specialty food product manufacturers, to food truck owners, caterers and restaurateurs.

Our expertise isn’t bounded by timezone: clients have come from NYC, across the US and as far away as Australia.

Culinest’s Food Business Consulting can…

"You have done an amazing job for our little company. We are thrilled with your work and deep knowledge." Nancy Bruns, President, J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works

Nancy Bruns, President,
J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works,
West Virginia

Bring your food concept to life:

• Brainstorm concepts; optimize business and marketing plans.
• Create and launch new brands and products.
• Leverage our extensive resources – from co-packers to designers to brokers and distributors.

Better position your company for profitable growth:

• Recommend winning biz dev, sales, pricing and competitive strategies.
• Create and implement effective sampling, promotional and public relations programs.
• Sell with confidence; connect you with distributors, stores and buyers.

Help you discover what others think about your business and industry opportunities:

Interview hard-to-reach clients and buyers.
• Ask and get answers to the right questions.
• Deliver actionable insights.

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