The Next Level Workshop Series

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Need advice and accountability? Move your food business forward in six customized, action-oriented sessions, coached by Terry Frishman with up to three non-competitive peers — your “virtual Board of Directors.” Spaces fill up fast – please contact us to reserve your spot.

This unique workshop series is a great way to get regular consulting and feedback over 6 weeks at an excellent value, while moving forward with advice from your virtual board of directors. In the sessions, Terry guides participants through the same process she uses for her 1-on-1 consulting clients: First, assess where you are. Next, identify where you want to be. And, last but not least, develop and start implementing an action plan to get there!

Meeting Format:
During our 1st session, everyone shares their detailed background and we agree to specific goals and objectives, priorities and key next steps – whether you have an early-stage concept or a more developed business.

In later customized sessions, we can review your food samples, packaging ideas, as well as any other content you might be developing – from branding to mission statements, from financial projections to business plans and/or meaningful points-of-difference. Attendees give personal updates (tacitly forcing forward movement), e.g. new news, product tastings, brand name discussions, research results, goal status, issues or obstacles – and receive feedback from Terry and the group.

What Workshop Attendees Say:

“Terry gets things moving.”

“Terry is an amazing resource for anyone in a new startup or existing food business and can make things happen. The Workshop Series was great for moving forward without spending a lot of money. She works very quickly. Terry gets things moving. She is a great coach and support system.”
– Ian Russo, Chef / Owner, Dirty


“Amazing….Helped me to get it off the ground!”

“You’re an amazing teacher, Terry. You taught me what I needed to know to start Krumville. Your Next Level Workshop Series helped me to get it off the ground! Thank you.”
– Antonella Zangheri, Founder, Krumville Bake Shop


Had I taken this Workshop Series two years ago, my business would be in a much better, more profitable place! Terry has helped me clarify exactly what I want from my business, provided many avenues of ideas and most importantly, recommended ‘how tos’ to make them a reality. Working in a small group is also a huge plus. We help each other, root each other on, network and make new friends.”
Jessica Eliav, Marigold Couture – Catering & Gift Baskets

Workshop Participants Benefit From:
• Setting Goals & Objectives
• Expert Knowledge & Guidance
• Developing Winning Strategies
• Brainstorming & Feedback
• Motivation & Peer Support

Topics Can Include:
• Mission Statements & Business Objectives
• Concept & Product Development
• Pricing & Sales Strategies
• Budgets & Timetables
• Competitive Analyses

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