Dishing on NYC’s Food Scene Trends:

Adam Platt, David Rosengarten, Drew Nieporent & others at Gotham on a Plate

Drew Nieporent, Adam Platt, Jacqueline Raposo, David Rosengarten & Michael Whiteman at Gotham on a Plate

Drew Nieporent (Nobu), Adam Platt (NY Magazine), Jacqueline Raposo, David Rosengarten & Michael Whiteman at the New School’s Gotham on a Plate Conference

Critics, restaurateurs and industry experts shared their views on the NYC food scene and where it’s headed at the recent Gotham on a Plate conference (proudly co-sponsored by Culinest).

Although no one recommended following trends just for the sake of being trendy, the panel members discussed the importance of trends in providing new and different customer experiences. It’s like when I recommend doing competitive analyses – knowing what’s happening in the industry and among competitors and customers helps you make better choices.

Is there a unique NYC cuisine?

  • “There’s a NY taste: 2-fisted, umami, very fusion.” – Adam Platt
  • “Story of the last decade in food: cooks and kitchen slaves took over, and took their food and music to front of house.” – Adam Platt
  • NY cuisine is what fusion is everywhere else.” – Jacqueline Raposo

Upcoming food trends…

  • Gourmet will continue downscaling to little tasting rooms for economic reasons.” – Adam Platt
  • “The comfort food revolution keeps rolling, much to my chagrin.” – Adam Platt
  • “The biggest trend is technology: 40% of people who sit down in a restaurant tonight booked online.” – Michael Whiteman
  • Developments in protein: 6 legs instead of 4, alternative proteins from seaweed, lab-cultured meat, printed meat.” – Michael Whiteman

…and why you can’t just focus on trends

  • It’s not enough to know it exists – you have to know what’s good about it. What’s a good version?” – David Rosengarten
  • I hate the word ‘trend’. One chef in Spain will create something magnificent and unique, in that one little place. You move it and you destroy it.” – Drew Nieporent

Some last thoughts

  • The dangers of Instagram: “On a screen you can’t taste the food – people know how food should look, they don’t know how it should taste.” – David Rosengarten
  • When you get out of culinary school you can cut parsley without hurting yourself. Everything else you need to learn.” – Michael Whiteman
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