Barry Korn, Chief Ball Counter, The Meatball Shop: Insights and Quotes

Terry Frishman and Barry Korn, The Meatball Shop

Barry, The Meatball Shop, with Terry, Culinest.

Interviewed Barry Korn, Chief Ball Counter, The Meatball Shop, at Food Entrepreneurship class.

Key Insights & Quotes:

Every business shuts down for the same reason. They run out of cash or want to stop bleeding.

Mitigate as many risks as possible – build in cushions.

Success begets success.

When you first open a place, be there. Be there every night.

Add processes and policies so things are done right, without ruining the culture.

Make sure chefs understand the basics of financials.

The less personal the vendor, the more you have to pay on time. It’s an inverse relationship.

Use multiple vendors to keep them in check.

Lease equipment that needs frequent repairs, like ice machines and dishwashers.


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