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What does Mimi Sheraton See as the Next Big Food Trends?

Mimi Sheraton on Trends, Taste & Being a Critic

Mimi Sheraton Gotham on a Plate

Food author and former NY Times food critic Mimi Sheraton at Gotham on a Plate, co-sponsored by Culinest!

Mimi Sheraton shared her frank, amusing and deeply insightful thoughts on food trends, personal taste, being a critic and more at the recent Gotham on a Plate conference hosted by the New School, and happily co-sponsored by us!

On Food Trends

  • “In the next 2-3 years we’ll hear about West Africa way more on the food scene.”
  • “Expect to see fusion of Mexican, Thai, SE Asian: limi, chili, cilantro (think bahn mi on a taco).”
  • “Unfortunately, supermarkets and specialty stores have more prepared foods, less staff, less time spent with customers – because serving customers and spending time with them hurts margins.”
  • “I think too much attention is paid to the goals of the chef, not to the achievements of the chef. You don’t have to understand it, it’s dinner!”

On Being a Critic

  • “Perfection is the prize. It’s not easy to achieve – and there’s no margin for error.”
  • “Restaurant PR firms will fight it when they get a negative review soon after opening. In my opinion, as soon as a restaurant charges full price, they’re fair game!
  • There’s no point in giving an unknown restaurant a bad review – you’re saying, “Don’t go to this place you’ve never heard of.”

On Her Personal Tastes

  • “Kale? Hate it!”
  • “I tend to like the best, if I can get it. I like a little exotica from far away.”
  • “I don’t like to go downstairs to go shopping – what am I doing in this basement for a box of Wheateena?”

What Are the Best Channels for Your Food Product?

What Are the Best Channels for Your Food Product?

At the Fancy Food Show in CA, Ian Kelleher – Peeled Snacks’ Director of Sales, Alternative Channels – discussed the pros and cons for a range of sales channels.

Ian Kelleher Peeled Snacks
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How Should You Price Your Food Product?

How Should You Price Your Food Product?

At this week’s Fancy Food Show in CA, attended some great lectures that reinforced and sparked ideas

often say: “Volume & Margin are the 2 key ways to Make Money!” 

In his Pricing lecture, Jonathan Milo Leal of Milo’s further explained how “numbers are the language of business.”

Terry & Jonathan Milo Leal of Milo's
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“Human-Grade” Dog Food at Hotel & Restaurant (IHMRS) Show

“Human-Grade” Dog Food At Hotel / Motel & Restaurant Show

Cake Pops are popular. Now, there are Cake PUPS!

Dogg Candy Cake Pups

I love that Wet Noses, Inc. is testing non-traditional and creative sales channels beyond grocery stores for different brands of 100% organic, pet specialty, “human-grade” treats. Continue reading

Bold Coast Seaweed

Bold Coast Seaweed

Bold Coast Seaweed

Beautiful bulk and packaged Maine SEAWEED – Wakame, Finger Kombu, Sweet Kombu – from Mike Pivirotto, Bold Coast Seaweed (with assistant Diana Hagadorn). Continue reading

Upcoming Event: Sustainability in the Wine Industry

Upcoming Event: ‘Sustainability in the Wine Industry: Italy and the U.S.’

Monday, November 10th, 6PM-7:30PM
Wollman Hall, Eugene Lang College, The New School
65 West 11th Street, #500

Eager to learn more about sustainability and the wine industry? Continue reading

Chef David Bouley Discusses Contemporary Kaiseki Cuisine: The Power of Nature & Health at the Japan Society

Chef David Bouley Discusses Contemporary Kaiseki Cuisine

Terry Frishman and David Bouley

Chef David Bouley speaking with Terry Frishman at the Japan Society

Very inspiring talk by Chef David Bouley on Contemporary Kaiseki Cusine: The Power of Nature & Health. Continue reading

Key Insights & Quotes: Susan Axelrod, Founder, Love & Quiches

Susan Axelrod: Insights & Quotes

Susan Axelrod
Susan Axelrod, Chairwoman & Founder, Love & Quiches
Key Insights & Quotes shared during Susan’s Crain’s Made in New York presentation: Continue reading

Amy’s Bread: New 30,000 sq. ft. Facility & Baking Classes

Amy’s Bread: Baking Classes & New 30K ft2 Facility

Amy's Bread

Terry with Amy Scherber & Troy Rohne of Amy’s Bread

Exciting! Amy’s Bread just opened a new 30,000 ft2 baking facility! Plus, Amy is now  teaching baking classes at Chelsea Market. Congratulations!

Liddabit Sweets: Leveraging Press

Liddabit Sweets: Leveraging Press

Liddabit Sweets

Terry with  Liz Gutman, Co-Founder, Liddabit Sweets.

Check out the iPad with a clip of Liz being interviewed… Great example of how to leverage the power of the press  at her Crain’s booth.

For help getting your own PR – consider attending my 3-part online course, Pitch Perfect! Tips to Getting Your Food Business Covered, with the Specialty Food Association.

Please click here to register!

It’s Not a Photobomb!

Crain’s Made in New York Trade Show

Attended Crain’s inaugural Made in New York Trade Show on October 23rd: great networking with NY food entrepreneurs and businesses while assessing trends and opportunities…


Miguel Monica Prohibition
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Massimo Bottura & Wylie Dufresne at 92nd Street Y

Massimo Bottura & Wylie Dufresne

Massimo Bottura & Wylie Dufresne at 92nd Street Y

In Italy, there are three untouchables: Football (soccer), the Pope and Mom’s recipes. Tradition rules – but Massimo innovatively and deliciously breaks the mold.

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