Chef David Bouley Discusses Contemporary Kaiseki Cuisine

Terry Frishman and David Bouley

Chef David Bouley speaking with Terry Frishman at the Japan Society

Very inspiring talk by Chef David Bouley on Contemporary Kaiseki Cusine: The Power of Nature & Health.

Kaiseki is a Japanese culinary art that was the original ‘tasting’ menu of multiple, beautifully-presented small courses.  It balances seasonality with flavor, health and wellness while exquisitely presenting food, naturally and elegantly, with ceramics, leaves, flowers, and other elements. It is ideally customized to optimize one’s overall health, with great-tasting, nutrient-dense ingredients, fermented foods, probiotics….

Kaiseki actually means “stone in the stomach,” to relieve from hunger. It really is so much more.

Chef Bouley believes kaseiki cuisine can positively change the health and diet of Americans. As a “Chef of Mother Nature,” and owner of Brushstroke and Bouley Botanical, he is dedicated to bringing a “living pantry” to homes throughout America, optimizing the nutritional value of the food we eat.

Years ago, I ran a Kaseiki dinner at Sugiyama for the International Wine & Food Society. It sold out so quickly, we had to run a 2nd one the following week! Kaiseki is totally worth experiencing.

Of note – Up & Coming Ingredient:

Kuzu is an up-and-coming specialty ingredient from  the sweet pea family. Very high in fiber, gluten-free, with a low glycemic index, it is a wonderful, flavorless thickening agent that is extremely versatile. Substitute for arrowroot or wondra flour. Use for thickening soups, making crackers or a pizza dough.. Bouley suggested dusting the top of a fish to create a lovely, clear crust!

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