Daniel Ceballos, Head Chef & Chief Innovation Officer, The Juice Press: Insights & Quotes

Juice Press

With 24+ locations (Park Avenue South will open shortly) and a wide variety of 80+ juices / smoothies and 70+ raw food offerings, Juice Press has been rapidly growing since 2010.

Daniel Ceballos – Head Chef | Chief Innovation Officer – kindly shared his insights on Juice Press’s success, management, his personal philosophy and more:

Overall Advice?

On profitability:  “Having the right margin is critical. Study everything.”

On experience: “I learned techniques from a very disciplined chef.”

On line management: “In each category, you will have the best and worst. Sometimes keep a slower mover because it has a following.”

Bumper sticker advice: “No matter how long you have gone down the wrong road, stop. Go back. Assess priorities.”

On relationships:  “Build relationships with suppliers and distributors. As you grow, people want your business. They give you better prices.”

On investors: “If they put a good chunk of money in, they’ll probably want to be pretty active to make sure their investment is well taken care of. It’s like a marriage. Work it out first.”

On Team-Building & Management:

  • “Develop training programs every single day. Provide hands-on experience.”
  • “Being able to delegate is key.”
  • “As we grow, it’s very difficult for management to care as much and take ownership.”

On Owner Marcus’s Success:

  • “Vision from when he started. He was always recruiting people he needed and kept trying everything to see what worked.”
  • “He packed the 1st Juice Press with people hanging and drinking the juice. It magnetized the place. He shared advice and inspiration about juicing and cleansing.”

Daniel’s Personal Philosophy:

  • “When centered and at peace, ideas and inspiration come.”
  • “Keep it simple. Simplify your life. Simplify your business and focus on the important things. “
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