Lessons from Women Food Entrepreneurs – At La Marqueta

A passionate candy-maker and mom, Laurie Pauker started Laurie & Sons to provide Not-too-Sweet Snacks with a Touch of Surprise.

Laurie recently started producing at her new kitchen in La Marqueta – an incubator, market and business development resource in East Harlem that the Economic Development Center helped spearhead.

Pipcorn – with mini non-GMO popcorn (whole grain, small batch) also has their kitchen next door to Laurie & Sons. Their key issue? Supply!

Key advice from Laurie’s journey to a larger production facility?

  • Plan ahead. Hire experts to save time and future fix-it costs.
    • Consider using a professional kitchen design firm to lay out your space. While expensive, it’s more expensive if you have to spend additional time reconfiguring after you realize you’ve made a mistake.
  • Be creative. Think out of the box.
    • Instead of paying for expensive plumbing work, Laurie bought a cheap length of hose to extend the reach from her sink to be able to cool her equipment,  It saved a lot of money and has had good results!
  • Look for support. Partner!
    • Laurie shares her space with another food entrepreneur, Catherine Oddenino of Luca and Bosco Ice Cream. They split the rent and share some equipment – while also getting moral support and advice.

Laurie Pauker Laurie & Sons

Laurie Pauker, Owner, Laurie & Sons

Consider visiting La Marqueta – where there are lots of food stalls, too, including this one for Hot Bread Kitchen!

Grace Hot Bread Kitchen

Grace, Hot Bread Kitchen



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