How to Reach Your Goals, Resonate with Customers and Have Fun!

A Food Entrepreneurship Discussion

Terry Frishman Interviewed about Food Entrepreneurship by Jenny Cornbleet of Learn Raw Food


Thinking about starting a food business, but not sure how to begin? Need some advice?

I’m excited to share my recent interview with Jenny Cornbleet of Learn Raw Food – with insights on strategic planning, controlling costs, building a great concept, what makes marketing resonate with customers and more.

Get started on the road to food business success today!

Key Topics We Cover (and when they start)

Key Topic                                                                                   Start Time

What is food entrepreneurship?                                               4:29

Is food entrepreneurship for me? How do I find out?           6:29

Food trend opportunities – raw, plant-based, gluten and sugar-free, and the explosion in high quality niche products                11:14

Advice on recipe development & industry immersion       17:11

What’s your lima bean? Controlling costs.                           18:40

Why you need a point of view and how to excel!              22:00

Building a strong, resonant concept.                                    25:50

How to position and price a premium product.                  29:25

Why having fun is so important.                                            34:13

How values inform the products you create.                     35:05

Why you? Marketing & your positioning statement.          37:00

Thanks so much for tuning in!

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