Radio Interview – Do You Have What it Takes
To Run a Successful Food Business?

Food entrepreneurship is very hot right now, with lots of competition. How will you succeed?

On Monday, June 22nd, I shared my take – on what it takes – to start and grow a specialty food brand with host Melanie Young of ‘Fearless Fabulous You’.

Missed the live broadcast? Don’t worry!

Listen on the ‘Fearless Fabulous You’ site!

stand out from the crowd

Whether you have a recipe that everyone says you just have to sell, or you already have a food business you want to profitably grow – they’re great tips to help make your dream a reality!

For 20 information-packed minutes, I highlighted key ways to:

  • Make money … and a positive impact on the world
  • Successfully launch and grow your food brand
  • Leverage packaging
  • Avoid common missteps…

Please check out the recorded version on the ‘Fearless Fabulous You’ site!

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