Build Your Personal Brand: Advice from Ellie Krieger, Food Network’s Healthy Appetite 

Terry with Ellie Krieger

Terry Frishman with Ellie Krieger, star of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite, cookbook author, writer, nutritionist and healthy food advocate

Ellie shared her inspiring story and advice during an interview with me at a recent NYWCA fundraiser co-chaired with Betty Comerford.

Build Your Brand!

  • Luck + preparedness = opportunity.
  • “Find your spin or hook that is true to what you passionately and philosophically believe. What defines you? What’s the common theme you can leverage for your brand?
  • “The whole world of food media has democratized – now you can make your own platform.  It’s hard, there’s a lot of noise out there, but you can break through that noise.”
  • “Put yourself out there and do the work.”
  • “Be flexible enough to make changes or go back to the drawing board, but be tenacious in saying, ‘I’m doing this,’ and stay true to what your real beliefs are.

Pitching Ideas

  • Have enough ideas in your back pocket and hope that one sticks. I’d think about it like planting seeds. Maybe 3 will sprout seeds, and maybe 1 will grow. You literally have to keep planting seeds and don’t take rejection personally. And eventually plants grow.”
  • “The key is to know who the audience is. If you understand them, your message will be more effective. If you’re speaking, know who you’re talking to. It makes the experience richer because they’ll walk away with something they need. Be able to find out what a group of people needs – no matter what it is.”

Social Media

  • “Social media fuels you. It’s supposed to be a real exchange, not a pure marketing thing. I find it so gratifying to talk to the people who cook my meatloaf.”
  • “Social media all needs to come from your voice.”
  • If you want to write about food, you have to have a blog. It puts you on the map. It’s a place for you to hone your skills and have a voice.”


  • “Always question what you believed 10 years ago. If you’re a real scientist everything you know and learn is tentative. You can’t be dogmatic.  Be ready to say the science has changed and your opinion has changed.  Be open minded, but not so open that your brain falls out.”

Time Management

  • “If you dig your heels in and say to yourself, ‘There is no way I’m not getting this done’, you will get it done.”

Recipe Development

  • “Jacques Pepin told me the best recipes help people make a great meal. People want solutions, not showing off skills.”


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