Jessica Karp & Jordan Brown, Co-Owners & Andrew Bonito, Director of Operations, Hu Kitchen: Insights and Quotes

Terry Frishman Jordan Brown Jessica Karp Andrew Bonito Hu Kitchen Natural Gourmet Institute

Terry, Culinest, with Jordan, Jessica and Andrew, Hu Kitchen.

Interviewed Jessica Karp, Jordan Brown, Co-Owners, and Andrew Bonito, Director of Operations, Hu Kitchen, at 6th Food Entrepreneurship class.

Key Insights & Quotes:

“Idiot proof everything – keep it simple.”

“Whatever we are selling the most of, we give the worst real estate.”

“You don’t open a restaurant for yourself, you open it for people.”

“Recipes don’t scale up properly. Always taste.”

“Getting feedback: ask ‘what would you change?’; test with a variety of palates.”

“When creating menus, think about utilizing waste / remnants of other dishes.”

“Look for real estate early.”

“Consistency is important when you have a large staff.”

“Staff wants to feel involved, not just follow orders.”

“Overpriced does not equal expensive.”

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