Luke Holden, Owner, Luke’s Lobster: Insights & Quotes

Lauren Gibson, Terry Frishman, Luke Holden, Ali Kokot
Terry with Lauren Gibson (far left), Luke Holden and Ali Kokot of Luke’s Lobster.

Interviewed Luke Holden, Owner, Luke’s Lobster, at 5th Food Entrepreneurship class.

Key Insights & Quotes:

“Greatest advice as business owner – get advice.”

“Spend a lot of time hiring on the front end, and less time firing.”

“Great people push the ball forward, and attract more great people.”

“The industry pays it forward. A rising tide helps all boats.”

“Figure out why some people come once a month, and others come every week.”

“If you’re not passionate, you probably won’t be successful.”

“Select a location that had the same type of business previously.”

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