Matt Lewis, Co-Owner, Baked: Insights and Quotes

Terry Frishman and Matt Lewis, Baked

Terry, Culinest, with Matt, Baked.

Interviewed Matt Lewis, Co-Owner, Baked, at 7th Food Entrepreneurship class.
He and Co-Owner Renato Poliafito just published a new cookbook, Baked Occasions, and opened a new location in Tribeca.

Key Insights & Quotes:

“Don’t open a business if you’re not going to live there.”

“Press begets press.”

“People love simple products – vanilla on vanilla.”

“Keep menu limited. Too much choice confuses customers.”

“Never guesstimate COGS (cost of goods sold); calculate to the penny.”

“Consider sales channels that aren’t typical.”

“The busier you are, the faster equipment will break.”

“Make social media fun.”

“Make sure licensors fit your brand and will sell enough product.”

“Attend trade shows to network, share ideas, make connections and industry friends.”


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