Matthew Wadiak, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Blue Apron: Insights and Quotes

Terry Frishman, Matt Wadiak, Rani Yadav (Blue Apron)

Terry, Culinest, with Matthew & Rani Yadav, Director of Marketing, Blue Apron.

For food entrepreneurs who dream about making a difference (while making money!), Blue Apron’s story is incredibly inspiring.

In less than 3 years, they’ve raised $58 million in capital, deliver 1.2 million (yes, million!) meals a month. They just hired 600 employees last week, and opened a new warehouse. Their 584,704 (and rapidly increasing) Facebook fans have an unusually high engagement rate – around 40%.

Even more important to me, they’re motivating people to cook at home, with sustainable, high quality ingredients…

How has Blue Apron achieved this success? See below for insights that Blue Apron’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Matthew Wadiak, and Director of Marketing, Rani Yadav, shared in my Food Entrepreneurship class last week.

Key Insights & Quotes:

Working hard to do something completely different is a risk associated with great reward.

Don’t do it unless you can do it really well. Don’t make compromises when there is a way to do it better.

Become an expert in Excel.

Be data driven in every part of business, from feedback and testing to ROI in each channel.

Impress and surprise people with a product that feels like a gift.

Listen to customers, understand them, but trust yourself.

Use social media to fuel conversations with clients and build brand organically through engagement.

Build unique partnerships. Be different from your competition.

Work with world class suppliers: support and sell your suppliers.


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